Turning Left onto Russell from Odendhal

The new signal doesn't allow turning left onto Russell without a green arrow. I don't like it.

Posted by Keith on September 6, 2021 1:21PM

The New Traffic Signals at Odendhal and Russell Should Be Tweaked

Odendhal and Russell

This isn't a big deal, but they should change the left turn from Odendhal onto Russell Avenue.

The new signal requires a green arrow to turn left.

It's a waste of time to sit there. Drivers can see all the way up Odendhal and easily make that left. To sit there for no reason is annoying.

Drivers can turn left onto Russell from Montgomery Village Avenue without a green arrow. Cars haul ass down 124, but it's still not an issue to make the left. It should be the same off of Odendhal.

The new signals are an improvement though. There are fewer people driving through that intersection like total assholes.

That left turn issue really isn't that big of a deal, but the less time I can spend driving around Moco the better.