Colossal Contractors of Burtonsville Hires Speeders

I refuse to hire any company that hires people who speed in work vehicles.

Gaithersburg Podcast Episode 1 January 22, 2022

The first ever Gaithersburg Podcast podcast.

Police Blotter Gaithersburg - January 11, 2022

Based on the data provided by police, here's what police are doing in Gaithersburg.

Arrests in Gaithersburg October 1 to October 12

Assaults, illegal guns, lying to the police

Arrests in Gaithersburg September 10 - September 16

Guns, assaults, arson, and rogue and vagabond

Turning Left onto Russell from Odendhal

The new signal doesn't allow turning left onto Russell without a green arrow. I don't like it.

Is Asbury Demolishing Homes on Maryland Avenue?

A sign was just posted out front 24 Maryland Avenue that the final plan is about to be approved.

Lakeforest Mall Deteriorates

The mall's glory days are behind her, what's next for the 102-acre property?

Police Blotter: Guns Near Gaithersburg Schools

Gun fired on Frederick near the high school. Gun assault near the middle school.

Police Blotter - August 16, 2021

In August, ten arrests for assault so far.

Police Blotter - Drama On Great Seneca

Drugs, alcohol, assault, disturbing the peace and robbery.

Duvall Park

This is small neighborhood playground located on Holly Drive off of Gaither Road.

Police Blotter - Assault with Gun on Sam Eig

Gun, assaults and two people died.

Police Blotter - Sudden Death and Multiple Felony Assaults

Multiple violent attacks

Police Blotter - Assault, Larceny and Cocaine

It's like an '80s movie, guns, larceny and blow.

Gaithersburg Skate Park Is Open Fall Class Registration Starts

Falls classes are getting close and filling up.

Police Blotter: Robbery, Burglary and Assault

There are lots of second degree assaults that happen around town.

Police Blotter July 25, 2021

Gaithersburg Police Blotter - July 24, 2021

A gun, multiple assaults and indecent exposure.

Daily Arrests in Gaithersburg

Next Police and Community Together is July 15

Murder Suspect Arrested

A suspect in the shooting death of Darius Cooper on January 10, 2021 in Gaithersburg taken into custody.