Is Asbury Demolishing Homes on Maryland Avenue?

A sign was just posted out front 24 Maryland Avenue that the final plan is about to be approved.

Posted by Keith on September 6, 2021 9:21AM

Public Notice Maryland Ave

The Planning Commission is scheduled to meet on Tuesday, September 14 to approve a "final" plan to apparently demolish homes on Maryland Avenue.

I don't know what the plan is. There is nothing that I could find on the city's website about Asbury's intentions.

From the Tuesday meeting agenda and "packet," I get this.

Planning Commission Agenda

The notice that the "final plan" is to be approved on Tuesday was just posted in the last day or so. Perhaps that's all that is required by law in terms of notice, but the city should tell residents about these plans when the process BEGINS not when it is ending.

Those homes on Maryland Avenue should not be demolished, if that's the intention. We need more homes in Gaithersburg, not fewer. And once these old homes are gone, they're gone forever.

If Asbury doesn't want those homes, they should sell them.