Daily Arrests in Gaithersburg

Posted by Keith on July 13, 2021 7:21PM

GAITHERSBURG – More than 20 people have been arrested for serious crimes in Gaithersburg according to the data reported by Gaithersburg Police and Montgomery County Police.

The arrest data is provided online using Socrata. You can view the daily arrests report here.

When I pulled the data for Gaithersburg arrests, it looked like this.

Gaithersburg Crime Data Pie Chart

Kidnapping, arson, indecent exposure, assault, robbers, stalking, sexual abuse of a child are some of the nearly two dozen arrests made in Gaithersburg. While the data set in Socrata is called Daily Arrests, perhaps there is a delay between when the person is arrested and this data is updated.

The most prominent crimes committed are assaults and robberies. Assaults make up 8 arrests and robbery is 7 arrests. That’s 15 out of 22 arrests.

Here's another way to look at this data.

Gaithersburg Crime Data Pie Chart