Arrests in Gaithersburg October 1 to October 12

Assaults, illegal guns, lying to the police

Posted by Keith on October 12, 2021 7:21PM

Gaithersburg Arrests

Police have reported arresting seven people suspected of committing a crime so far this month.

Police reportedly arrested someone with an illegal gun near the 17000 block of King James Way. An assault in the second degree at 34 Brian Court led to an arrest. That was 2nd degree assault, we had a first degree one too. At or near the 200 block of Park Avenue, police said that they arrested someone for this crime.

Gaithersburg Arrests Oct. 1 thru 12

Police Incidents

Here are the calls police responded to in Gaithersburg since September 1. This data is not necessarily complete or accurate. This is what police are reporting.

Gaithersburg Police Calls Sept 10 thru 16