Police Blotter - Drama On Great Seneca

Drugs, alcohol, assault, disturbing the peace and robbery.

Posted by Keith on August 11, 2021 6:21PM

GAITHERSBURG - Something went down on Great Seneca Highway on Wednesday, August 4.

The police logs offer only the most basic information required by law, but clearly some folks tangled with the law that night.

Police logged driving under the infuence of drugs, driving while drunk, 2nd degree assault, and disorderly conduct all taking place on 10200 Great Seneca Highway at around 7:25PM. That's located just north of Trader Joe's.

10200 Great Seneca Highway

Police reported an armed robbery on 200 Lee Road in downtown Gaithersburg on Tuesday August 3rd. This reportedly took place in the apartment building at the intersection of Park Avenue and Brookes Avenue near Constitution Gardens, before you get to North Summit Avenue. Police didn't provide any details about motive, injuries or what was stolen, if anything.

200 Lee Road

Police reported a sudden death on Wednesday, August 4 on 1 Frederick Ave. It's not clear from the log where that is located, but according to mapping data that puts the death to have happened near La Casita Pupuseria.

1 Frederick Ave

A "sudden death" doesn't mean this is a homicide. However, because of the lack of information from police about police activity in general, there's no way to know what happened here.


Here are the arrests police reported since the beginning of August.

Criminal Arrests