Police Blotter - Assault with Gun on Sam Eig

Gun, assaults and two people died.

Posted by Keith on August 4, 2021 6:21PM

GAITHERSBURG – Assault with a gun on Sam Eig Highway reported Monday.

Reading the bare minimum information police release about crime in Gaithersburg, someone reported assaulted someone with a gun on Sam Eig Highway – aggravated assault with a gun, they say.

On Sunday police reported three more assaults, not noted to be with a gun. There was an assault reported on Contour Road, another on Merust Lane, another on Flower Hill Way.

On Monday, there was also an assault reported on Tulip Drive.

That’s a lot of assaulting, but there’s more crime.

On Tuesday, police reported that a home on Sweet Autumn Drive was burglarized – forced entry.

On Sunday, someone reportedly was the target of a pick pocket on Washingtonian Blvd.

Deaths reported to police. August 2 – 18300 Hallmark Court August 1 – 16700 Sioux Lane

List of all police log incidents, not arrests, since August 1.

Arrests list