Police Blotter - Sudden Death and Multiple Felony Assaults

Multiple violent attacks

Posted by Keith on August 3, 2021 6:21PM

GAITHERSBURG – On Saturday, police responded to a call about a “sudden death” at 18700 Frederick Avenue. That’s near Barking Mad Cafe and that new development over there on 355.

Police were busy on Russell Avenue. Police responded to two separate incidents, one for 2nd degree assault and another time for shoplifting. The police incident logs provide very little information, so it’s not clear which business filed the shoplifting complaint.

That area on Russell Avenue is a bit of a hotbed for crime.

Since July 1st, police have responded 13 times to the area around 700 Russell where the Sport & Health is located. There are several shoplifting reports, a few assaults, things stolen from cars and buildings, and someone apparently exposed themselves to an adult.

Police Log

Police reported a few arrests recently in Gaithersburg. Three of the arrests were for 1st degree assault. We see lots of 2nd degree assaults in town, but 1st degree assault is a more serious crime. According to Maryland Criminal Code, Section 3-202, a person convicted a 1st degree assault has committed a felony, and could face up to 25 years in prison.

One of these 1st degree assault arrests took place on 100 block of Maple Road over in the Washington Grove area on Monday. The suspect is 39 years old.

Another arrest, this time on July 29th for 1st degree assault reportedly happened on Brassie Place. That’s north of CVS on Montgomery Village Avenue. The suspect is 20 years old, according to police.

On July 28, another 1st degree assault arrest happened some place on Frederick Avenue. That suspect is 43 years old, according to police.

Police Arrest Log

Merely the act of being arrested does not prove guilt. For these suspects, the arraignment status is unknown, nor are any court rulings.