Police Blotter - Assault, Larceny and Cocaine

It's like an '80s movie, guns, larceny and blow.

Posted by Keith on August 1, 2021 6:21PM

Multiple assaults, one involving a gun, larceny and someone got busted with blow.

On Laytonia Drive, police responded to a report of an aggravated assault involving a gun on Friday.

Laytonia Drive

Something went down at Brenish Drive and Woodfield Road on Saturday. Police logged two incidents at 4AM. Both incidents are assaults: aggravated and 2nd degree assault. The aggravated assault is classified as "non-family-strong-arm."

Brenish Drive

On Friday, police logged a "crime against society" on 9600 Lost Knife Road – cocaine possession. That’s near Lake Forest Mall and Roy Rogers.

Lost Knife Road

Larceny at the Rio was logged by police. The precise address where the alleged crime took place is 1 Grand Corner Avenue. That’s where the Lanzhou Hand Pull Noodle is located, but the police information provided didn’t note if that business was involved in this incident or if it just happened near noodle place.

Grand Corner Avenue

Police incidents are not necessarily arrests.

Here are the arrests logged in Gaithersburg recently. Those arrested, may or may not have been arraigned and they are all innocent until proven guilty in court.

Arrest List