Gaithersburg Police Blotter - July 24, 2021

A gun, multiple assaults and indecent exposure.

Posted by Keith on July 24, 2021 7:21PM

Illegal Handgun: Alliston Hollow Way

Police arrested someone on the 8900 block of Alliston Hollow Way on Wednesday for carrying an illegal handgun. In the police report, the location reads, “8900 Block Of Alliston Hailow Way.” But since there is no Alliston Hailow Way in Gaithersburg, assuming it’s Alliston Hollow Way located off Snouffer School Road north of TW Perry.

Second Degree Assaults

On Thursday, police logged two arrests for second degree assault.

One arrest was reported on the 8300 block of Fairhaven Drive. In the police report, it says “8300 Block Of fairheaven drive.” There is no “fairheaven” drive in Gaithersburg, so assuming Fairhaven Drive. That means this arrest took place near Washington Grove. Fairhaven Drive is just off Washington Grove Lane before Mid-County Highway, if traveling north on Washington Grove Lane from the post office towards Mid-County Highway.

The other arrest for second degree assault was reported on 23000 block of Pleasantview Drive. That’s north on Woodfield Road, going passed Watkins Road near Lower Magruder Branch Park.

Police Incidents

Police incidents aren’t arrests, Incidents are things police responded to – dispatched.

On Thursday, police responded to larceny shoplifting at 800 Muddy Branch Road. That’s the strip mall off Muddy Branch with the Giant and Paisano’s Pizza. The exact business was not in the public police report.

On Wednesday, a vehicle was reported stolen on Buckeye Drive.

Also on Wednesday, police responded to a non-residential burglary at 13800 Dufief Mill Road. The only obvious “non-residential” building near this location is Travilah Elementary School, but the police report was not clear on the exact location of the burglarly.

On Tuesday, someone reportedly exposed themselves at 20000 Goshen Road – indecent exposure.